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With the difficulty we have experienced with the godaddy.com programs and calendars we are attempting to develop a calendar using other programs.  Please let me know if you have any difficulty seeing this Google calendar:

If t

WeePlayAZStore – Occasionally, I will post about activities that we do or things that we use that people ask about.  I will post items in the WeePlayAZStore for that reason.  The carts listed are the same ones that they are selling at the Children’s Museum in Phoenix.

Places Around Town – If it is a place for kid’s to visit for fun, we’ll list it here!  Museums, play lands, zoos, parks, jump places, etc.

Weekly Events  -- Our calendar focuses on special events, so we put a list of weekly storytimes, 

monthly crafts, etc. here. 

Blog – WeePlayAZ did not want to be the last webpage on earth to jump on the blog bandwagon, so viola, a blog we have!

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